Welcome to conversations with Dinkeng! On this platform I want to be the friend I wish to have someday – someone who listens with compassion, advises without judgement and and loves without conditions. May love and light always guide your path.

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Poet. Writer. Speaker. Wisdom Scholar. Spiritual Healer.


This is fear

You have an inspired original idea and you are excited about it. It is your first thought, your God-thought and it is the breakthrough idea you’ve been waiting for. You play it over and over in your head and its magnitude amazes you. You are beyond yourself with joy that YOU thought of such brilliance. …

Old Soul

I am an old soul. I feel deeper, be it love or pain I feel it completely. For many centuries have I traveled & many times have I had to create myself anew. There have been many mysteries in my path, some good and many unpleasant. The good ones had no lessons worthy for me …


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